The Farm comes to Dallas October 12th

Posted by    |    September 24th, 2012 at 2:33 pm

If you are a country music fan it’s a safe bet that you know who Toby Keith is and about his restaurant  Toby Keith’s I love this Bar and Grill. Who you are probably less familiar with (or not familiar with at all) is the up and coming  group from Nashville called The Farm, who will be playing at Toby Keith’s I love this Bar and Grill Dallas location the 12th of october. The group consists of three members, Nick Hoffman, Krista Marie and Damien Horne who all come from different musical backgrounds. Nick with his fiddle is more of a country music purist , Krista started out as a solo vocalist with a background in opera and Damien first moved to Nashville with his alternative rock band.  While their musical influences are eclectic and you can hear them coming through in the songs the music they make together is definitely country, with clear vocal harmonies and energetic fiddle. If you are a country music fan they deliver everything you love about country music and if you are not a country music fan they might surprise you with a new approach to the genre you didn’t expect.




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