Arrested Development Returns Spring 2013, Better Brush Up On Your Chicken Dance

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You know you’ve been missing the Bluth family when you get nostalgic over a bald man wearing cutoffs. Or anytime you hear someone say, “I need a favor”, you think of this.

Arrested Development family crest i need a favor

It feels like years have passed since the promise of another season of Arrested Development, and that’s because it has literally been years since another AD season was suggested. Michael Cera hit puberty, Jason Bateman got pervy with Juno, and Portia de Rossi married Ellen. A lot has happened, yet my excitement has only increased with time.

Apart from my utter euphoria at the return of my favorite TV family, it’s the idea that a show could be brought back from the ‘dead’ that I find totally captivating. Arrested Development went off the air in 2006, having originally aired almost 10 years ago in 2003.

In the wake of a possible Party Down movie and the campaign to save CommunityRolling Stone asked David Cross (Tobias Funke) to comment on the impact of the Internet. arrested development (courtesy of 

“The networks finally caught up to the up to the understanding of how people watch TV. If it was one year later, Arrested Development would still be on the air… It took them a while to figure out what everybody else already knew, which is that people aren’t watching the show the night that it airs,” said Cross.

People wonder how a show that has won countless awards and acclaim could have only lasted 3 seasons. Cross sums it up perfectly: it just had terrible timing. Arrested Development came about in the wake of TiVo and digital video recorders (DVR) and also suffered from poor marketing on FOX’s part. I admit, I have never seen an episode of the show the night that it originally aired, but hey, I was only 13. Give a girl a break!

But I can say with total reassurance that when Netflix announces their Spring 2013 release date for the long awaited fourth season of Arrested Development (all episodes will be released at once), I will clear my schedule, do a chicken dance, eat a frozen banana, all while wearing this t-shirt.

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