Songza: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Posted by    |    July 2nd, 2012 at 11:58 am

My poor roommate, whether its 7pm or 7am, I am always blasting music. My eclectic tastes have me playing everything from an *NSYNC/Backstreet Boys marathon and Kenny Chesney to the hipster sounds of today. And, being from the South, there is never a shortage of some good old Southern rap (Country Grammar anyone?) 

Although I have invested in Spotify Premium (well worth the $9.99 a month), I still found myself becoming bored with my music. Sure I could listen to any song my little heart desired, but I was always at a loss for what song to choose.

That’s where Songza comes in. Whether your commuting to work, throwing a party, working out or cooking dinner, there’s a playlist for that! Songza provides its users playlists curated by music experts.

What makes Songza awesome is not just its eclectic array of playlists, but the way in which they present them. A built-in concierge knows what time of day it is and provides several playlists appropriate for the activities you would most likely be doing during that time. Genius!


My personal favorites?


So get on board with Songza, and let this weird little penguin monster compose the soundtrack of your life.





Caitlin Clark is the Arts & Entertainment and Style Writer and Social Media Director for YouPlusDallas. Follow her on Twitter at @caitlinclark

Caitlin Clark is the Arts & Entertainment and Style Writer and Social Media Director for YouPlusDallas. Follow her on Twitter at @caitlinclark

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