Some Serious Fans at Studio Movie Grill’s Midnight Showing of ‘The Dark Night Rises’

Posted by    |    July 20th, 2012 at 4:03 pm

Everyone knew the hype “The Dark Knight Rises” was going to be intense, so how does a movie theater prepare for such chaos? Studio Movie Grill began prepping for the midnight release weeks in advance and had every staff member scheduled to work that night.

“The hype was huge. As soon as we were putting show times online they were selling out,” said Zark Hopkins, general manager of Studio Movie Grill.

Fans starting lining up for the sold out midnight premiere around 9 pm on Thursday July 19. It was a colorful crowd with Catwomen and Batmen galore. From sporting a simple t-shirt to a full on muscle body suit, the fans of the enterprise showed off some serious Batman pride.

Here are a few of out favorites.


Nicholas Matthews, a novice / Courtney's boyfriend & Courtney Barber, a full on vigilante




Chastity Munson, Studio Movie Grill employee and Batman’s biggest fan EVER


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