Ham Sandwich by David Green

Posted by    |    July 16th, 2012 at 10:00 pm

Short of the Week never cease to delight and in this case, we are again rewarded with a very nice review by Jason Sondhi a knowledgeable film academic, and occasional filmmaker.   Please support Short of the Week and film reviewers such as Sondhi

From Sondhi, “Hot on the heels of the internet release of his uproarious talking-food comedy Meltdown, Dave Green’s rumored ham sandwich followup is here—the cleverly titled, Ham Sandwich!

It’s not a sequel, there is no talking food this time, but maybe it can be part 2 of movement of films exploring themes of ham sandwichness.  In this film we have a schlub of an intern who is beaten down in almost all his daily interactions. Enter into his life the titular lunch item, which possesses the peculiar power of sending him farther back in time with each bite.

This is an Atom Films original short, and where Meltdown was delightfully amateurish looking, this is a pretty slick piece that is equal in production value to what you would see on TV. It’s quite impressive, and, after having ignored Atom Films for a while since getting folded into Comedy Central and switching to a pure comedy format, I’m intrigued to see more of these web-exclusives they’ve been producing. Hooking up with Dave Green was obviously a good call, as Ham Sandwich is really funny use of 7min. Check it out.”