Tonight: Jonquil at Prophet Bar

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Oxford, UK quartet Jonquil, notable for their  afro-indie pop beats, is embarking on their first US national tour supporting their recently released album Point Of Go. We caught up with frontman Hugo Manuel to chat about the band’s time at SXSW, how they use accents to their advantage, and that time sheep flocked to their recording studio.

You recently wrapped up a stint at SXSW 2012. How was the SXSW experience?

Very tiring and slightly stressful, but completely rewarding and excellent. I think this year what defined it for us was the abundance of swimming. We had a nice pool and a bit of time off…so we managed to get some good swimming in every day. Lots of Marco Polo and underwater handstands. That’s what we’re all about.

Have you been to Dallas? What comes to mind when you think of Dallas? 

Never been before. I wasn’t sure it was a real place. I thought it was a TV show.

Jonquil is touring in support of your recently released album, Point Of Go. What was the most exciting thing that happened during the recording process?

Sheep nearly invaded our studio out in the country. There is a security camera pointing to the outside of the door and we could see on the TV screen sheep just aimlessly trotting towards the door, eventually surrounding it. We were actually too scared to leave so we just knuckled down, played some really loud stuff, and they eventually subsided.

It’s no secret that ladies love a strong English accent. While touring in the states, have you ever used your accent to your advantage? What was the result?

Yes all the time. I like to thicken it up and go a bit James Bond. I don’t get it, because the same does not apply to guys loving American girls accents. No offense.

If Jonquil were an ice cream flavor, what would it be?

Steak and ale.

Jonquil performs tonight, April 9 at the Prophet Bar. Doors at 7pm, tickets are $12.

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