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Pass the Time with the Beyonce Baby Name Generator

Posted by    |    January 12th, 2012 at 2:33 pm

Blue Ivy Carter, the first child of Beyonce and Jay-Z, has made headlines, been a trending topic, was featured in a song rapped by her famous father and produced by Pharrell Williams, and she’s not even a week old. While sources such as E! News speculate as to where the interesting (yet, not totally off the charts) name came from, we’ve been having a little fun around the office generating our own Beyonce baby name. Just give a clickety-click on the image below to get yours (it won’t make you have cooler parents, though. Blue Ivy’s still got you there).

Upcoming Video: Burning Hotels

Posted by    |    January 11th, 2012 at 3:00 pm

As we recently named Fort Worth outfit Burning Hotels’ single “Beard” to be our top local song of 2011, we haven’t been able to stop crushing on them in the New Year. This Saturday, January 14, YouPlusDallas will be at Granada Theater catching the catch-all at the Local Edge Presents Burning Hotels with Mon Julien, Air Review and Menkena. Our camera crew will be hovering just below the stage, an arm’s-length away from Chance Morgan and Matt Mooty’s shiny shoes, capturing the glory on film for you, our darling audience, and transforming it into a certified Artist Interview Session.

We’ve hung out with Burning Hotels a lot, but have yet to devote an Artist Interview Session video to the sex wave rockers, until now. Here are some fun times we’re currently reminiscing on as we anxiously await this weekend’s events. Check it.

Local Edge Presents Burning Hotels Saturday, January 14, Doors at 7pm, Click for tickets