The Wombats at Granada Theater: ‘Concert Season’ Continues Into November

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The Postelles

September and October have come and gone faster than a Kardashian marriage, and ‘concert season’ has come to a close in a calendar-like fashion – except at Granada Theater.

Ra Ra Riot is on the agenda tonight; The Sounds and Rhett Miller will grace the historic live music venue next week, and Dave Barnes and This Will Destroy You the following week, among others. It can’t quite be considered the end of the season.

Tuesday night, East coast outfits the Static Jacks and the Postelles opened for Liverpool natives the Wombats, whose latest effort, The Wombats Proudly Present: This Modern Glitch, was released this April.

To commemorate their first time in the Big D, the band played Good Day Dallas earlier on in the day. “Think we did ourselves justice,” they noted.

“We’re the Wombats this is our first ever show in Dallas. We’re a long way from home,” said drummer Dan Haggis, approximating the 4,000-some odd miles the Granada stage is from England.

The Wombats

Lead singer Matthew Murphy’s hair appeared as though he had recently emerged from the dangerous end of a wind tunnel. The stage looked comical with stationary Murphy latched to his keyboard, and bassist Tord Overland-Knudsen (yes, that is his name) propelling himself across the stage like a rogue game of pinball.

The crowd furiously clapped to opening song “Our Perfect Disease,” the rushing backbeat of “Kill the Director,” and the tragic lyrics of “Last Night I Dreamt…” masked by sunshine-y Britpop.

People bloody love the Wombats. As Murphy stepped forward to solo during “Girls/Fast Cars,” the audience jumped even higher and held hand-shaped hearts in the air.

Lyrics to songs “Jump Into the Fog” and “Patricia the Stripper” sound like they were jokingly crafted when the band members were in high school, and somehow managed to evolve into ridiculously catchy, sing-along-style songs resulting in a feel-good, jump-and-clap kind of sound.

Before song “1996,” Murphy surveyed the audience, asking if anyone in the room was a teenager in 1996. Plenty of hands were raised, and smart phones were then consulted to arrive at the conclusion: unless you consider twelve years of age to be teenage years, the Wombats weren’t even teenagers in 1996.

During “My First Wedding,” Murphy pointed the mic toward the audience, who sang along to the chorus, emulating the band’s British accents. Closing songs “Anti-D” and “Let’s Dance to Joy Division” served an anthemic purpose, and, if possible, the crowd clapped harder than they had the entire night.

Verdict: Congrats to the Granada, as an impressive amount of people came out on a Tuesday night to support the Wombats. Tea, crumpets, and British slang are now on our radar.

Random thought: There were a lot of middle school-aged kids present. Like, a lot.

‘Cheers’ Tally: 3

Photography by Cory Allison

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