311 and Sublime With Rome at Gexa Energy Pavilion Tonight 8.13.11

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Let’s face it, It’s miserably hot outside, and the Texas Gulf in no way conjures images of vacation bliss. But this weekend, Gexa Energy Pavilion will host 311 and Sublime with Rome, who will make your weekend at least sound like the beach.

[311 Q&A Session provided by 311 management]

What can listeners expect to hear?

SA: Our fans are gonna love this album [Universal Pulse, Released July 2011].  I think it’s a return to form in many ways, yet refined.  We’re all refining.  Stylistically I think our old-school fans will appreciate the character of some of these songs.  I guess that’s what I mean when I say a return to form.  The energy is great.

How does the 311 touring machine continue to get bigger and stronger over the years?

NICK: We just do our best every night.  The vibe at the shows is a co-creation of us and our fans.  It’s really cool to be a part of.

P-NUT: People come to our summer shows to have fun with other positive people. We put on a physical rock show that people want to see over and over. I can’t explain why but I sure do appreciate being able to do what I love and spread the funk all over you. Hehe.

Are you excited for the upcoming Unity Tour: 311 and Sublime with Rome? What can people expect from the shows?

NICK: This is going to be a great summer for sure.  We have a nice, long summer tour planned and we are stoked that Sublime with Rome will be out on the Unity Tour.  And the 311 Pow Wow Festival (our first multi-day camping & music festival) will be especially amazing!

P-NUT: I am very excited about playing with Sublime with Rome. This is a dream tour for us and our fans. Everynight of everyshow anywhere in the world, there’s always a Sublime shirt or fifty in the audience. This tour will be nothing short of bliss and fascination.

Any other words to your fans?

SA: All I gotta say is you all are the bee’s knees!  You make a grown man cry. Love, love you guys!

311 and Sublime With Rome will play the Gexa Energy Pavilion Tonight. Doors at 6:30PM. Get your tickets here.

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