Christina Perri to Perform at House Of Blues Dallas 7.21.11

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Christina Perri is the sort of ravaged beauty that is left after wars rage. The little flower that somehow fights its way through bloodstained soil and peaks at daylight, delicately surviving; simultaneously mocking your attempts at striking her down.

If you’re a dancer or dreamer, you’ve probably heard of Perri. Her debut album Lovestrong. released this past May on Atlantic Records after selling over one hundred thousand copies of song “Jar of Hearts,” which exploded to Prom Queen-popularity status on Fox’s hit show So You Think You Can Dance.

“And who do you think you are/ Running ‘round leaving scars? Collecting your jar of hearts/ And tearing love apart?” Perri sings on the dizzying, pained tune.

The honesty found in Perri’s 12-track debut is reminiscent of Kina Grannis’s alluring style. Lovestrong. features Perri’s legato crawls across piano keys and entrancing vocals to match. Her song “The Lonely” was featured on tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance, the same show that thrust her melancholic resonance into the spotlight and seemingly turned the native Pennsylvanian into an overnight sensation.

“The Lonely” begins with the proverbial state of despair at two o’clock in the morning, the hour of solitude. Perri personifies lonely as a comforting companion, willing to take the place of a significant other’s absence. “Dancing slowly in an empty room/ Can the lonely take the place of you?” sings Perri, “I sing my self a quiet lullaby/ Let you go and let the lonely in/ To take my heart again.”

But don’t get it in your head that Perri is all sad faces, blue hearts and tear drops on her sheet music. Songs such as “Bang Bang Bang” pack the album with essentially anti-dude anthems, hitting them wear it hurts with a punchy, upbeat tune served on a leather-gloved fist.

Now Hear This:Jar of Hearts” from 2011 album Lovestrong.

Perri will be performing at the House of Blues Thursday, July 21

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