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YouPlusDallas Photo Gallery: White Denim

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White Denim at Gorilla vs. Bear Festival, Granada Theater 7.23.11


YouPlusDallas Photo Gallery: Preteen Zenith

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Preeteen Zenith at Gorilla vs. Bear Festival, Granada Theater 7.23.11


YouPlusDallas Photo Gallery: Grimes

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Grimes at Gorilla vs. Bear Festival, Granada Theater 7.23.11


Owl City with Mat Kearney at Verizon Theatre TONIGHT 7.26.11

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Following the success of his album Ocean Eyes, multi-instrumentalist Adam Young, otherwise known under the moniker Owl City, returns with his June release of All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Young mastered his electronica and synthpop sound in his parents’ basement, which sounds kind of miserable, but he’s gone platinum since that time; clearly the days of telling his high school buddies he still lived at home and heeded curfew paid off.

As Ocean Eyes is an album born from the water, All Things takes a deep look at life on land, and the endless adventures that pull him toward the bright and beautiful with a magnetic force. “The stars always seem so pretty,” he sings on “Dreams Don’t Turn To Dust,” a funky imagination stir; something Gene Wilder may have dreamed up. (more…)

Christina Perri at House of Blues

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Christina Perri is one of those artists who seems like she was born to be famous. From her artfully inked body to the blonde streak in her hair that somehow works, her distinctive edgy style is the perfect packaging for her completely unreal voice. Ethereal, booming and classic, she stands out against the backdrop of her pop contemporaries. Perri’s Lovestrong. performance at House of Blues is proof of this. 

Her songs are made famous by her soul-touching lyrics and driven by her celestial voice. Her records really don’t do it justice. I’ve seen an infinite amount of concerts, and I can say with complete conviction that this was the first time an artist has ever sounded better live than in my iTunes. Her crooning lyrics soared effortlessly into every corner of the House of Blues. The show was simple: just Perri, her band and a banner behind them bearing her name. But that’s all she needed.

The Village at Fairview: Entertainment. Dining. Shopping. DRIVING.

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I know there are a lot of people out there that live outside “the bubble” of downtown, uptown, and Park Cities, and then those of us snobs who try not to acknowledge anything exists further than 635.  I’ll admit that I used to be one of them.  I would dread when a friend moved to Frisco and would expect me to drive (gasp!) up the tollway to meet them for lunch.  I couldn’t fathom why anyone would live that far north, much less drive there for entertainment.  Well, I am facing facts that the widespread farmland that used to define the northern regions created a breeding ground for immense entertainment options.  Without landlocked boundaires holding them back, the Frisco’s, Allen’s, and Wylie’s of the world are booming with big business.  After countless friends recommended I check out The Village at Fairview, I succumbed to the nearly 30 mile drive from my home to behold the latest DFW development.

I won’t lie: The Village at Fairview is pretty stinkin’ awesome.  I wanted to find it lackluster and too similiar to the strip malls of fun that border my abode, but as it turns out, this is waaaaay cooler.  Every restauarant you could want; high-end (Bailey’s), low-end (Which Wich), and everything in between (Cheddars)….and a Twisted Root BurgerHome Goods, a personal fav, as well as a lovely slew of department stores are everywhere you look.  Free live concerts on restaurant and pub patios filled the air, and nice signage points you in the right direction to find what you are looking for.  Heck, there’s even a sand volleyball court! On the night I ventured out into this uncharted territory, I brought my sweetheart to the famed iPic Movie Theatre.  This place is reminiscient of a Las Vegas hotel meets Studio Movie Grill.  With billiard tables, a swanky bar, and conceirge service, you feel like you’re a VIP at the movies.  You can buy a higher priced movie ticket and enjoy the show in a recliner with blanket, pillow, and complimentary gourmet popcorn for $17 a pop, or pay $12 and enjoy the show in a comfy recliner closer to the screen.  The food is decent…not quite a huge leap above Studio Movie Grill, but slightly more gourmet.  My Caesar Salad was $9, and pretty tasty (though don’t expect croutons-there aren’t any).  Watching the movie in a super comfy chair with unlimited drink refills sure is a nice way to beat the heat, even if you have to drive an hour to get there.

All in all, I’d say it’s worth the extra gas money to check out The Village at Fairview-it’s literally one stop shopping, dining, and fun.  (If movies are too bland for your taste, a great date night idea is the nearby Splitsville bowling alley, akin to Lucky Strike in Los Angeles. Fun stuff!) Just remember to bring your credit card and lots of carpool conversation for the trip.

Christina Perri to Perform at House Of Blues Dallas 7.21.11

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Christina Perri is the sort of ravaged beauty that is left after wars rage. The little flower that somehow fights its way through bloodstained soil and peaks at daylight, delicately surviving; simultaneously mocking your attempts at striking her down.

If you’re a dancer or dreamer, you’ve probably heard of Perri. Her debut album Lovestrong. released this past May on Atlantic Records after selling over one hundred thousand copies of song “Jar of Hearts,” which exploded to Prom Queen-popularity status on Fox’s hit show So You Think You Can Dance.

“And who do you think you are/ Running ‘round leaving scars? Collecting your jar of hearts/ And tearing love apart?” Perri sings on the dizzying, pained tune. (more…)

CMT Reality Show ‘Texas Women’ Star Ali Dee Visits YouPlusDallas

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At 2:45PM on Monday, after driving two hours from her quaint home outside the city, country singer Ali Dee floats into the YouPlusDallas office wearing a flowered purple top and glowing smile. An effervescent personality, she greets each member of our staff with a handshake and a warm “hello” before sitting down with our Creative Director for an interview, the first of many this week, I’m sure. Her once low-key lifestyle will soon quicken its pace. She’ll go from a regular Texas resident to being recognized everywhere within a matter of weeks as the nation tunes in to take a peek inside her life.

Dee is one of four women who will star in CMT’s newest reality show Texas Women, which premieres tonight, July 14th. CMT is putting Texas on the reality circuit with their latest show featuring the lives of four beautiful women living in Fort Worth, Texas. (more…)

Taking Back Sunday at House of Blues

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If years were auditory, my 2004 would sound like Taking Back Sunday’s second studio album Where You Want to Be. I guess my ‘listening genre’ could pretty much be classified as ‘singer-songwriter’ heavy, but I have to throw a little rebellious hell in there every once in a while to keep it interesting. This is one of those fires.

Last week, the Long Island-based band, together on and off since 1999, performed at House of Blues Dallas following the release of their self-titled fifth studio album.

“Taking Back Sunday?” a coworker asked me before I embarked on my interview with the alternative band. “That’s a little intense for you, isn’t it?”

Negatory. If anything, they’re a volume-cranker.

“What are you thinking?” drummer Mark O’Connell asks guitarist John Nolan, who remarks on the heavy question. O’Connell notes the filthiness of his shoes, how he should probably purchase a pair of non-stage sneakers and whether or not they are machine-washable.

The two members of Taking Back Sunday are sitting on a couch in the Foundation Room, cracking jokes and relaxing post-sound check. “Yeah, we’re really cool,” O’Connell laughs. You know that whole never-meet-your-heroes adage? Doesn’t apply to them. I tell Nolan that “Existentialism on Prom Night” (product of side-project Straylight Run) is one of my favorite songs of all time. Ever. He humbly nods his head and says a genuine “Thank you.” (more…)

YouPlusDallas Photo Gallery: Taking Back Sunday

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Taking Back Sunday at House of Blues 7.5.11