The Orbans SXSW Showcase

Posted by    |    March 28th, 2011 at 2:46 pm

The SXSW music festival kicked of Wednesday, March 16, and YouPlusDallas was hanging out at Speakeasy on Congress to see one of our favorite musical acts grace the stage. “We’re The Orbans, we are from Fort Worth, and we’d like to thank you for helping us kick off this kick ass week,” said lead singer Peter Black.

In my mind, I’m imagining some 10,000 square foot venue with a large stage, and a larger sized crowd because that is what The talented Orbans deserve; instead, I am looking at a dimly lit room, where the band is squeezed into a back corner. It does not matter because they sound phenomenal, per usual; regardless of the fact that they are playing in a closet. When We Were Wild tunes “Alibi,” and “Like a Liar,” emanate from the sound system.  The world would be a tad better place if they were to put out another album. And according to Peter, that is supposed to happen this year. Sign us up for a copy.

When we had them in studio a couple of weeks ago, Peter mentioned (by our request) that the band would re-release their EP Switchblade Waterpistol (originally under previous name, The Lifters) on iTunes this April. And for those of you who are all-too-giddy to wait for their upcoming album, check out the 2007 EP.

Until their new album drops later this year, we’ll just sit here patiently and continue to click the “refresh” button on iTunes.

Laura Stillo is the Arts & Entertainment Writer and Creative Social Media Producer for YouPlusDallas. Follow her on Twitter at @laurastillo.

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  1. morgan staton says:

    HUGE fan of the Orbans, great write up and SX video! Good job Stillo.