The Orbans rock the Kessler Theater, will rock Dada tonight, and SXSW soon enough

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Fort Worth band, The Orbans, sprung on the scene last June with the release of their first studio album, When We Were Wild. Since that time, they have been taking over the Metroplex faster than Speed Racer on a conveyor belt, playing a profusion of shows in the North Texas region.

The Kessler Theater in Oak Cliff hosted the band on a January evening before the city was blanketed (and subsequently frozen over) with snow. Opening with “Alibi” and “Don’t Lose Yourself” it quickly became apparent that everyone in the Kessler Theater’s art deco venue felt a wave of luck sweep over them knowing they took shelter in such an intimate space with a band that will be huge.

“Were Her” resonated flawless harmonies only made possible by a band created from long nights of practice, wearing guitar strings thin, refining a craft and readying it for ears of radio station listeners and eyes of Rolling Stone readers.

Kenny Wayne was off in his own little world for the majority of the show, quiet persona, badass guitarist. A seat on the second floor of the Kessler made for a great view of drummer Blaine Crews’s master drum work during encore song “New Dress”. Note that he is a wise addition to the band.

So, how can you tell they are a North Texas band? The only dead giveaway was bassist Cliff Wright’s wardrobe choice complete with a Rangers hat.

And what do they sound like? On first thought, Los Angeles band Rooney comes to mind, stemming from similar lighthearted rhythms, though that may not be completely accurate, and it is pretty unfair to try to pigeonhole this band into any specific category. There are elements present in their music spanning decades of influence from The Man in Black to the Beach Boys (see track “Barely Someone Known”) and we think Al Jardine would probably agree with that sentiment.

For the record, artists/bands who 1) drink whilst performing 2) meander the venue and 3) sound even better live are the bands to see, and The Orbans score high marks all of the above. To The Orbans, the city officially invites you to leave Fort Worth for sometime and hang out in Dallas.

The Orbans will be playing at Club Dada tonight Friday, February 11 for The O’s CD release party. You can also catch them at SXSW. Let lead singer Peter tell you what exactly an Orban is here. Photography by Emili Carmichael

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