The Poor Man’s Entourage Shoots a Pilot (and I don’t mean on a 747)

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Let me start with this disclaimer: I have a vested interest in this topic.  I may or may not be married to someone involved with this heartfelt and sometimes downright ridiculous portrayal of the Dallas acting community. Dallywood is a tongue-in-cheek look at the struggles of being an actor in Dallas and the big auditions, breaks, and egos that go along with that.  American Way Magazine called it “Entourage-esque webisodes” and Pegasus News writer John P. Meyer put this disclaimer before his interview about Dallywood: “I was not naked while conducting this interview.” Hmmm…intrigued yet?

Well, with a past season of webisodes already in the can, writer/creator Jeff Hoferer and hilarious actor Bryan Massey have set out to do the unthinkable: a half hour pilot of the show.  Award-winning director Drew Rist is a well-known co-collaborator, shooting and editing the original series and this new endeavor. The Dallas acting community has exploded in the past few years with local actors like Massey going on to star in big-budget Hollywood films like “Mad Money” and Oliver Stone’s “W“.  While bookings like these are the brass ring for local talent, most of us have to settle for carpet cleaning commercials and working as stand-ins on a series that will most likely be canceled. (Oh, Lonestar. We hardly knew ye.)  Though the original webisodes of Dallywood starred a handful of local talent, the new pilot has a bevy of recognizable faces.  Not to name-drop, but look for Joe Nemmers, who has recently shown up in Good Guys, Drop Dead Diva, and My Generation.  The incomparable Juli Erikson,  a star of the cult classic Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (and more television and films than you can shake a stick at,) makes an appearance as Nana.  And don’t even get me started on the gorgeous Farah White.

Besides the amazing talent, Dallywood broadens its horizons with notable Dallas locations in the new pilot, namely Hector’s on Henderson (an actor-friendly establishment since owner Hector Garcia is a performer himself,) and the acting mecca, KD Studio.  After wrapping the pilot next week, this city will have a new half-hour comedy and Bryan Massey will have a new daughter. The casting director for Pampers couldn’t be more ecstatic.

If you’ve ever wondered what the Dallas acting community is really like, Dallywood gives you a glimpse of the nitty gritty…on laughing gas.

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  1. Jeff Hoferer says:

    What a wonderful write-up! Without Dallas (and wonderful people like YouPlusDallas), Dallywood would just be wood.

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