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Go To Maine Without Leaving The Lone Star State

Posted by    |    October 26th, 2010 at 9:43 am

I know I’m not alone when I say that I think Allison V. Smith kicks ass.  I have been a huge admirer of her work since I caught her acclaimed Marfa Lights exhibition as a first year photography student a few years back.  A profile shot of an abandoned drive in movie sign caught my attention in particular – it was such a simple image yet it spoke volumes.

Fans of the iconic Texan photographer will agree that she has a magical way of capturing images as humble as a water fountain in a Texas classroom and gives them a sense of magnificence the way only a true photographer can.  I take that back…the way only Allison can.

For her first solo show in 2 years, Smith takes us out of the Lone Star State – way out.  Running through November 27th at the Barry Whistler Gallery, her installation is made up of 18 new photographs from the past three years in Maine (she has spent just about every summer of her life in Rockport), all shot while wandering around with her Hasselblad.  Head on over to BWG to check out this beautifully refreshing installation.  (And be sure to check out her gallery talk on November 6th with collector Dan Routman!)

Stewart + Brown = Sustainable, Fashionable, Comfortable

Posted by    |    October 25th, 2010 at 1:45 pm

For my first official post I thought I would blog about my favorite envirionmentally friendly fashion designer. I’m a simple and health conscious kind of gal that likes my clothing to reflect this, therefore, Stewart + Brown  is a staple in my closet. This husband and wife design team prove you don’t have to sacrifice style to be comfortable, and they use materials that are sustainably harvested and many are organic, which = no pesticides, which = healthier for you and the environment. (Smile).  It is always worth taking a look at the SALE section of their site, as you might be surprised by the good items and prices you will find. I know some Sale sections of sites just have leftover mis-matched socks, but not S+B.  Join their mailing list and get informed about secret sales too. (Double smile).

You+Pics Maroon 5

Posted by    |    October 22nd, 2010 at 3:37 pm


Adam Levine is a Rangers Fan

Posted by    |    October 22nd, 2010 at 3:24 pm

The first time I came to Center was back when it was known as the Smirnoff, and I had never had a sip of vodka. I was ten years-old, and seeing the Spice Girls in concert before they created “girl power” and harnessed the fan following (and platform shoes) to produce a reunion tour. A middle school, high school, and college experience later, I am back, taking in the full experience of a venue that is partially outdoors. And this time I have a Canon 7D and a photo pass.

I’m in the pit photographing Maroon 5 during high-energy “Harder to Breathe” close enough to see the color of Adam’s eyes and his new tattoos. He is the definition of a performer, alive and vibrant onstage, feeding off the crowd. John Mayer, Keith Urban, and Dave Grohl receive accolades for their masterful guitar skills, and Adam deserves ranking right up there with them. “It’s a good night, it’s a beautiful night, and we love sharing it with you,” he introduces the next song, “this next tune is by one of our favorite people,” he says before the band plays ‘If I Ain’t Got You”, by Alicia Keys. (more…)

Auditory Psychotherapy

Posted by    |    October 21st, 2010 at 8:21 pm

Sufjan Stevens keeps me out of therapy. I have been listening to Age of Adz all week in preparation for this concert, trying to fathom how the hell it was going to be performed. Stevens is known for playing most of the instruments on his layered tracks, so how was he going to perform this show without looking like a one-man band? Easy – the stage looks like the set of The Music Man, minus heinous candy striper uniforms, plus unruly facial hair. I’ve never seen so many hipsters in one place. Really, there are 10 people on stage. It’s like halftime at the Superbowl: teams, synthesizers versus drum sets. For as much as I love Sufjan and admire his inane, enviable talent, I half-feel like I don’t belong here. It could be the stage backdrop, continuously forming alien-esque shapes out of digital stars, but that’s just a guess.

“I’m your entertainment for the evening,” he says, jokingly unbuttoning his over shirt, revealing a more-breathable tee to keep him cool under the stage lights. “Tonight I’m sharing a lot of new songs about love, heartache, and the end of the world.” He opens with “Seven Swans” and transitions into “Too Much,” off his latest album. His backup dancer/singers parallel Gaga in their poofy-sleeved ensemble complete with silver leggings and moon shoes. He sets into the title track, “Age of Adz,” and it sounds just like schizophrenic artist Royal Robertson’s explosive artwork – an apocalypse – but that was the idea. His self-professed “prophetic heartache” makes me want to thank the ones who wronged him for instilling this man with such emotional fury turned melodious catastrophe. (more…)

“Under The Arches” Captures ‘Urban Artistry’

Posted by    |    October 14th, 2010 at 9:17 pm

At least that’s what one art gallery owner told me tonight at our swanky concert-painting-wine drinking and media affair. Turning the parking plaza of our 92-year-old building into a concert venue was another light bulb moment for our Mad Hatter CEO Jeff Hinson, and with the stylish guidance of Events Diva Elisabeth Jordan, it was a rousing success. (I say was — it is actually still going on outside my door.)  The star duo was painter Rolando Diaz and pianist Seth Simmons, who have developed a wonderful concept called Euforia, where Ro paints as Seth plays. It works. And the whole thing played even better in the open air with the cacophonous roar of Commerce and Jackson street traffic providing background ambiance. Art is a blessing that elevates, especially in the cool October Dallas night with the skyline shining as bright as the crescent moon.

In The House: Diaz

Posted by    |    October 13th, 2010 at 3:23 pm

The You+Media offices are getting a major upgrade, thanks to artist Rolando Diaz, whose colorful canvases are going up as we speak. Diaz, a Cuban-born painter whose family fled Castro’s oppressive Communist regime when he was very young, is performing at a special YPM event this week. It’s called “Euforia Live, Under the Arches” and it involves Diaz creating a custom oil painting right before your eyes as renowned pianist Seth Simmons provides a stirring soundtrack.

Relentlessly positive and bursting with creativity, Ro Diaz is a force of artistic nature. He has traveled the world and harbors a special affinity for Europe. He remains keenly connected to his native Cuba, and much of the work he creates is intended to connect us to the plight of the poor who need our support. Diaz is a truly generous, likable guy (shown here with You+Media events director Elizabeth Jordan) who spreads joy. Ro, you are always welcome!

Catching Lissie

Posted by    |    October 13th, 2010 at 11:00 am

Lissie has a very good memory.  Like many artists who perform on the Granada Theater stage, she is hanging out behind the venue after the show. She shakes my hand, calls me by my first name, and asks if I mind if she smokes. (My lungs might, but right now, they’d rather endure it.) She talks to me and Y+D blogger Rachel Orr about her beer preference and stage time at ACL.

How was ACL this year?
ACL was awesome, it was exhausting but it was worth it, it was fun, and we felt like we had a good presence there, beautiful weather, we love Austin, you know, it couldn’t have been better. It was awesome.

So who’s your favorite singer or band?
I don’t have a favorite singer. But right now, I just saw Phish on Friday, Phish is my favorite band. They make me feel so happy, so that’s what music should do, I think. (more…)

Open your ears

Posted by    |    October 12th, 2010 at 5:14 pm

It’s probably difficult for some artists to pull off successful shows on a Monday night, but Illinois-born Lissie is singing to a good-sized house at the Granada Theater. “I really really appreciate you guys getting tickets and coming out,” she says, and opens the show with a power performance of her song Wedding Bells. She showed off her gutsy vocals in Worried About and When I’m Alone, where she marched barefoot to her own beat, her knees hiking up after every chord — apparently I have a penchant for artists who are allergic to shoes.

She wears a green silly band and baggy cuffed jeans like she fell out of an American Apparel advertisement. Her signature tousled blonde hair and beautiful face resemble Blake Lively, had she been a flower child in the ‘60s. “This is our first time playing in Dallas,” she says, noting the places she and her bearded bandmates have recently been, including next-door Dallas treasure, Snuffers. “So, my band and I’ve been overseas basically for the last year, and I was so happy to put my album out, Catching a Tiger, in the US in August,” she pauses to acknowledge all of the congratulatory whistling, “we’ve played, what, San Francisco, LA, we did ACL which was a blast, and Houston, and then here, and this is so great, so we’re really really stoked to be back in the US of A and we’re glad that you guys came out to see us.” A guy in the crowd yells out “I love your smile!” “Aww thank you—thanks,” she coolly responds, and I add her to my cue of “living room artists,” the name designating lax talent who takes the time to acknowledge and respond to their audience. (more…)

Inflating the Iconic Balloon

Posted by    |    October 11th, 2010 at 6:38 pm

This Friday, October 15th, you are invited to rock for a cause at the House of Blues. The young professionals of “The One” Society, who support Children’s Medical Center, present Rock The Red Balloon featuring bands Counterfeit Radio & The King Bucks.

There will be a raffle and VIP reception, so get your do-gooder pockets involved because all proceeds from the concert, raffle, and reception go to help Children’s complete the expansion of the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. Yes, all. As in, 100%. As in, you’ll really be making a difference. “The One” Society is working to reach it’s goal of $50,000 for it’s annual contribution. Pre-purchase your tickets here, and wear some comfy shoes because it’s more fun to rock when you’re helping those who need it most.

VIP Reception begins at 7:00PM in the Foundation Room, concert doors open at 8:00PM, bands begin at 8:30PM.