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Peter Black’s voice is just as melodious over the phone as it is on his band’s first full-length album, When We Were Wild. Check out what he had to say about his Fort Worth-based band, The Orbans.

If you could tell me one thing about the band that no one ever asks – what would you want people to know?

No one ever asks, “are you guys all friends?” or anything like that. But yeah, it’s kind of weird, we don’t really argue. If there’s an argument, it takes about fifteen seconds to go away, and I think that’s one of the things that makes it easy to get around. I think that’s one of the exciting things about this project — making future records and being together.

Naturally, your band name cannot be found in the dictionary. What does it mean?

[Laughs] It’s been really fun with that name, a lot of people come to us with different meanings, saying, “I think it means this, is it this?” and they’re actually much more interesting then the way we arrived at it. There’s an old piece of audio gear in studios called Orban compressors. After about three weeks of thinking, we kept coming back to it. The funniest [story] that someone has come to us with is back in the medieval times, it was the name given to traveling magicians. We also get,  “were you big Roy Orbison fans?” and yes, but that’s not it either. It’s fun to hear what people come up with.

You guys have such a unique sound.  Who do you look to for inspiration?

Our keyboard player, Justin, said it best when he said that it’s basically a culmination of all the music that [we] listened to growing up.  It could be a throwback to The Beatles, or something that’s Tom Petty about this or that. It’s a lot of classic elements.

So is this journey a dream come true for you guys?

It’s the natural evolution of a project that I started in college. We decided to start something back then and it’s grown in to this project that we have now. There was never a point where I said “I have to quit this.” It’s just kind of evolved and grown. ‘Dream come true’ is a funny statement – it’s a great situation. It’s about being able to play music and continue to play music.

Tell me about the title of your first full-length album, When We Were Wild.

It seemed to have the vibe of the entire process. It was a crazy time making the record because it all flew by really fast. It named itself and we couldn’t deny it.

Fort Worth is home. Is it something really special to perform there?

We do some shows at the Moon Bar over by TCU, and that’s where everyone cuts loose and we have the most fun. Probably because it’s like playing in your living room, and everyone will sit there and have a good time. It’s no stress and a lot of fun. There are definitely special nights [in Fort Worth]. There are a million songs and records floating around the Internet, just getting out and showing people what [we] sound like live is important.

What do you see in the near future for The Orbans?

We’re going to make another record probably sometime in 2011. Really just getting out and playing. Right now we’re working on building up a team of people around the project.  Starting to look at another record is something that will be a growing conversation in the next few months.

Catch them this Thursday, 9/30 at 8.0 in Fort Worth; Friday, 11/12 at Kessler Theater in Dallas, and click here to fall in love.

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  1. Sarah Beauregard says:

    I love the Orbans! I’ve been listening to them for a couple of years now! …Great group of guys!

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