Six Flags: We have become “Funatics”

Posted by    |    July 8th, 2010 at 4:09 pm

Six Flags has always been a pleasant childhood memory for my husband, Andrew and me. It was a family tradition to come down for a few days every June and those Looney Tune characters brought a smile to my young face every time! While Six Flags has not fully abandoned their old time tunes or western characters, it certainly has adopted a much more thrill-seeking face with the multiple comic-based roller coasters and things that will make you think twice about eating Granny’s funnel cakes.

A few things we learned in our first trip back to the classic theme park:

1. The Superman ride only lasts 1 minute in the summer due to heat… it’s very short, yet still awesome

2. When lightning is in the area and rain pours down, the park suspends all operations until it passes – this is good except if you’ve already been standing outside for 20 minutes in the pouring rain thinking you’ll be the first in “Runaway Mountain” because it’s an indoor ride and no one else wanted to wait outside in the rain. They eventually closed the line so that we would find shelter. Smart… not us, the park.

3. When the storm passes, the first rides you might think would open would be the water rides (i.e. log ride, Roaring Rapids)… wrong. The first ride that re-opened was “Runaway Mountain” which we did get to be the first ones on and that was awesome! But the log ride and Roaring Rapids never reopened that day – odd to us. Don’t they need water to run?

4. If a ride is shut down, don’t trust the “it will be about 5 minutes” from the staff – example, Roaring Rapids: even the technician said it would be 5 minutes, but after 45 minutes of “just 5 more minutes”, they finally said they were having technical issues and never reopened.

5.  Fantastic thing about rain: the rides that do reopen (Batman, Mr. Freeze, Flashback, Superman, etc.) have very small lines and are worth holding out for the rain to pass to quickly get into some of the unbelievable rides that Six Flags offers!

6. While you might think the “Souvenir Cup” is a gimmick, it is a fantastic value – we split one among the two of us and had about 5 refills in one day (all free that first day). Now when we go back, it’s only 99 cents per refill. (You’re not allowed any outside drinks besides water, so might as well make the best of it.)

So while we had some interesting adventures during our first trip back to the great Six Flags Over Texas, we can’t wait to return and have more!