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A Time to Lead

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

The events in Tucson this weekend illustrate all too painfully what has become of leadership in America. The events themselves raise many questions that can and are being debated with (mostly) appropriate vigor. But what led to the murderous act of Jared Lee Loughner, concerning as it is, is unlikely to produce a clear evaluation of the state of leadership in America. What will, however, is the careful observation of what comes now: the response of our elected officials. The early results are not promising. (more…)

New Year’s Resolution

Friday, January 7th, 2011

“Each of us will one day be judged by our standard of life – not by our standard of living; by our measure of giving – not by our measure of wealth; by our simple goodness – not by our seeming greatness.”   William Arthur Ward

Putting these words into practice is not so easy, but we believe You+Dallas and its video storytelling enable our company to deliver messages, connect people, and positively change lives.  Our challenge is to convert these words into actions. (more…)