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You probably have a lot of hang-ups about riding DART. Don’t worry, I did too. My freshman year of college I had a pretty interesting experience attempting to get to DFW airport via the rail, then the bus, only to end up in rando-ville nowherestown needing my friend’s aunt to come rescue me from wherever it was I had ended up. My experience may be extreme, as I have a pretty poor sense of direction. Even my GPS will tell you that I’ve been known to “turn left” when clearly instructed to do the opposite.

So I was understandably happy to attend the Y+D all-day DART shoot yesterday where our host Hilary Kennedy explained how to utilize DART to a) see the cool places it can transport you b) not worry about parking and c) not get lost. We started our day filming at Akard, Cityplace, and Mockingbird Station, before getting a sneak-peak of the new Lawnview station, coming this December.

You+Dallas has been commissioned by the DCVB to do a series of stories about our city, and what’s unique about our city? Having a public transportation system that gets you where you need to go. LA can barely say that. We’re currently editing the video, but here are photos from our shoot to keep you satisfied until the debut.

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