The Future of Television, Part One

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So why is it important to watch The Future of Television According to Tara Maitra, VP & GM, Content Services at TiVo ?

TiVo freed consumers from the dictates of network television executives by giving us the ability to record and watch our favorite television shows when we want.  TiVo introduced the fast forward function, allowing us to skip annoying commercials.  And particularly in a sports-centric town like Dallas with five professional sports teams, we never have to miss a game. Admit it.  TiVo changed your life.

Television is going through another transformation as companies such as TiVo begin enabling consumers to more easily manage and broadcast web content and movies on demand along side traditional television content on their 50-inch HD screens.

Before you answer the question, take the rest of the week and chronicle how much time you spend watching online videos.  Have you purchased an iPad?  Do you regularly visit Hulu and You Tube?  Of course you do.  Would you like to easily manage and view web content on your large, HD television screens? Absolutely.  Is this trend one of the major reasons we created YouPlus Media?  You bet!

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Board of Directors of TiVo.

Note:  Tara Maitra was on “Media Bytes,” a show hosted by Shelly Palmer.  She did a very nice job of explaining the new TiVo Premiere.

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4 Responses to “The Future of Television, Part One”

  1. Sarah Beauregard says:

    I can’t wait to continue to watch TiVo change how we watch tv! It has already saved so much time and value to not only watching the shows when you want to but skipping to the great parts of two hour long shows!! Thanks, TiVo!! :)

    Disclaimer: I work for Jeff Hinson! …but my opinion is totally legit! :)

  2. Chris J. Davis says:

    As much as i like TiVo, the future of media is a service based approach, not tied to any ine provider or hardware platform.

  3. Jeff Hinson says:

    Chris, thanks for the comment. In your view, how does a service based approach work?

  4. Molly Nolan says:

    I love watching things when I want. allows me to be social and not a prisoner to my shows like I have been my whole life. I think I need TiVo. I will be anxious for part two as well Sarah

    Disclaimer: I too work for Jeff Hinson, and probably should change to Tivo to show my loyalty.