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The Future of Television, Part One

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

So why is it important to watch The Future of Television According to Tara Maitra, VP & GM, Content Services at TiVo ?

TiVo freed consumers from the dictates of network television executives by giving us the ability to record and watch our favorite television shows when we want.  TiVo introduced the fast forward function, allowing us to skip annoying commercials.  And particularly in a sports-centric town like Dallas with five professional sports teams, we never have to miss a game. Admit it.  TiVo changed your life.

Television is going through another transformation as companies such as TiVo begin enabling consumers to more easily manage and broadcast web content and movies on demand along side traditional television content on their 50-inch HD screens.

Before you answer the question, take the rest of the week and chronicle how much time you spend watching online videos.  Have you purchased an iPad?  Do you regularly visit Hulu and You Tube?  Of course you do.  Would you like to easily manage and view web content on your large, HD television screens? Absolutely.  Is this trend one of the major reasons we created YouPlus Media?  You bet!

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Board of Directors of TiVo.

Note:  Tara Maitra was on “Media Bytes,” a show hosted by Shelly Palmer.  She did a very nice job of explaining the new TiVo Premiere.

Homes With Heart

Monday, July 19th, 2010

It was an unusual invitation: come out to West Dallas to watch us tear down 26 crack houses. Norm Henry and the Builders of Hope team plans to replace these drug-infested shanties with beautiful new 3-bedroom homes for deserving families. To see the neighborhood physical change — and meet the people involved — is to truly understand what “transforming a community” really means.

Behind the bricks-and-mortar are some amazing, dedicated people. That’s the deeper level of what Builders of Hope does. They hire young men and women from the neighborhood to do the building. Some of the folks have sketchy backgrounds — jail time, drugs, petty crimes — but they have grabbed this second chance and run with it. Having grown up in the construction business, I was impressed by the level of quality in their carpentry, painting, and brick work. What’s more, there is a spirit of self-determination and joy around this organization that is inspiring.

Bob = A True Original

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

We first bumped into Bob in 2007. It was a sweltering July night and we were part of a restless crowd at Sons of Hermann Hall waiting for the next act to come on. Our group was hot and irritated. Suddenly, out of the darkness appeared this strange little man in an orange shirt and blue fedora  playing a keyboard. He stood right in front of us, dancing, grinning, and playing — sort of — for more than 30 minutes. Without a word, Bob changed our mood, getting the whole gang into it. We all took pictures, high-fived Bob, and talked about him all the way home. On that night, Bob stole the show. Check out director Chris Wiegand’s mini-profile of Bob here.

McKinney Almost As Good As Minnesota

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Money Magazine came out with its annual “Best Places To Live” rankings [for cities with populations of 50,000 to 300,000] and Dallas-area cities fared quite well. McKinney came in at #5, and its next door neighbor Allen was #16. Rowlett made the prestigious Top 25 at #24. Topping the list was the unlikely hamlet of Eden Prairie, MN, a town of 64,000 that lies 12 miles south of Minneapolis. Yeah, sure, I would definitely rather live in central Minnesota than anywhere else in the entire country.