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Bill Steding is a very smart man. He made his fortune in radio, then semi-retired to be a media consultant, get his PhD., and become a blogger for Ameritecture where he opines on a wide variety of fascinating topics. We asked him what he thought of our new site, hoping he would say something like “it’s good” or “not too shabby.” Instead we got this [read after the jump] which is well, just read it!

Bill Steding writes:

You don’t have to look far today to find anger, contempt, and reasons to predict a dire future.  Traditional media vendors serve up all the negativity any person can stand. It’s not their fault – at least not all their fault – they mirror the sentiment of the day. They view their task as giving the reader/listener/viewer what he or she appears to want based on archaic forms of audience research. In effect, they guess at where we want to go and then they push the accelerator in that direction.  This wasn’t always their modus operandi.  In their early days they chose to lead, often pursuing an idealized vision of American identity.  But now they appear on the scene well after the fact, shine a light on it, and mostly exclaim “Ain’t it awful!”

You+Dallas has an opportunity to transform Dallas media and, in the process, offer an entirely new platform to improve the lives of Dallasites.  There is no question that the challenges we face in our communities and in the world are formidable.  There is also no question – at least I my mind – that we have the intelligence and resources to accomplish most anything we wish. But, we’ve got to get off the sidelines and take control of our destiny.  It’s one thing to yell and scream about taking our country back, its quite another to claim with equal ferocity what we’re willing to give to make it happen.  The future of our communities, city, state, and country will be based not just on taking, but also giving.

I have often written about what I call the ‘arc of transcendence,’ or blazing a pathway to rise above the rabble and conventional thinking to achieve higher levels of meaning and existence.  It’s basically a five-step process. First, we must isolate and silence the naysayers: those who wallow in the ‘can’t.’  Second, while it is proper to acknowledge our current circumstance – to hurdle the ‘denial trap,’ we must set it aside and ignore the grave narrative.  Third, we must re-imagine the world, unbounded by convention, to establish a new vision of who we are, what we want the world to look like, and most importantly, why?  Fourth, we must attract and connect spheres of intelligence and resources to produce new missions and mandates.  Finally, we must pursue our new vision with every ounce of energy and persuasion we can muster.  We must allow our creative intelligence its full expression.  You+Dallas provides us just the platform to get the conversation started – to build an arc of transcendence.  From blogs, to forums, to objective-specific networks that both design solutions and drive execution.

Strong communities are defined by their resilience and their cohesion – by whether they can take a blow and recover, and by the things that bind them together.  Dallas has a rich and storied history. It is time for us to set aside the narrative of despair and discontent, affirm a new vision, and bring it to life.  It is time to gather around the platform You+Dallas provides and give our families and communities a new future.

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  1. Fantastically well said!! Yeay!