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Rainbows and Modern Media

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Scientists tell us that rainbows don’t exist in one place; rather, they shift in space and in color depending on the viewer. In essence, we determine the beauty and depth of the color spectrum as the light is refracted through moisture and into each individual viewer’s eye. Your rainbow may be more violet than mine.

In that way, rainbows and media have something in common: they depend on the viewer’s perspective. For the past year, as we’ve been building You+Media’s first citysite — — we have been roaming dozens of Dallas neighborhoods, meeting our fellow residents and getting their perspective on this grand metropolis. Through a little device we call Videopinions, we’ve listened as people from Frisco to Fair Park sound off on subjects challenging and whimsical. It has been a sheer delight, and each foray we make into street journalism renews our spirit and confirms what a devoted, passionate, quirky, interesting mix of folks share our little corner of the map. For unlike the discordant moan of old, one-way media, this new two way media — the one that includes you — is full of sound and texture and color. Looking good, Dallas.