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Home Sweet Home

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Jack Gosnell is more artist than realtor, and since he has almost half the buildings in central Dallas under listing, it seemed finding the right space for our creative enterprise would be child’s play. If only. While most media companies prefer to be sequestered in office buildings, literally and metaphorically high above the masses they serve, we were looking for something street level. And not just any retail space, but something that had the potential to house our new media/theater/restaurant/collaboration project.

We may have found it in this classic space on Commerce St, between Pearl and Central. Longtime Dallasites know it as the former address of KLIF radio, the Mighty 1190. Years later it housed the Dallas Observer, and more recently the ad agency PowerPact. We love its media bones, its gigantic windows with expansive views of the neighborhood, and its unbeatable rooftop deck. We also love our one-of-a-kind landlord, the architect Reggie Graham, who bought and renovated nine different buildings in the area. Come see us!