A Little Inspiration

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The Teddy Bear

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Religion and Capitalism

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The Reinvention of Entertainment in the Age of New Media

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Turkey Stuffing: YouPlus Media Style

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This little turkey becomes a star on YouTube courtesy of star host, Kreg D’Arnold and FuzzRocket.  Check out this video.

The ever efficient YouPlus Media then launches an episode of JJ’s Corner, featuring Justin James’ interpretation of Turkey stuffing.




Mack Brown Must Retire

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After viewing last night’s performance against a pedestrian BYU team, it should be clear that Coach Brown must retire at season’s end.   It is unfortunate that Mack Brown, who led UT out of the desert after decades of mediocrity, would go out this way. Clearly UT’s on-the-field performance must now override UT’s financial performance, which has been absolutely spectacular by any measure during Mack Brown’s tenure at UT.  Just in case you do not know, UT’s football program generates over $100 mm in revenues and a 75% profit margin.  Without it, UT’s other athletic departments would suffer greatly.

UT is a rational economic unit, and in the case of Coach Brown, financial performance and Brown’s trips to the big game in ’05 and ’09 has certainly justified the patience UT’s power elite has granted Brown in the hopes of a turnaround.  The BYU game and the 2010-2012 performance taken in its entirety, however, should be Brown’s equivalent of Rout 66, and we anticipate and hope UT will make a move at the end of the year.

Uber, Dallas City Council and the Status Quo

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Uber provides one of the best personal transportation experiences ever.  In return for providing a great service, Uber has irked the existing taxicab establishment and Dallas City Council who regulates and makes money off of cab services.  Sadly, the Dallas City Council chooses to ignore that locals and out-of-town guests enjoy and want Uber’s great service, which, among other things, is lauded by its loyal customers for its prompt service, great drivers, the cleanliness of the cars, the cost, and the ability to share cab fares.  Most importantly, Uber is safe, prompting many who would otherwise drive at night after a few to leave their cars at home and use Uber.

On August 28th, City Council plans to vote to force Uber to apply for operating authority as a limousine company from the city which will force Uber to operate under rules that will degrade its service and add costs that will have to be passed on to its loyal customers.   This cannot be good for the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, as many key decision makers for conventions are Uber users.  How does Dallas City Council’s actions help the Omni, the NYLO, the Adolphus Hotel, and the Dallas Hyatt Regency?  The next time City Council elections come around, remember Uber.  We certainly will.



Charter Cable Refuses to Support TiVo Subscribers in Dallas

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Normally an upgrade of your cable system would be a good thing, so when Charter Cable said they would upgrade their HD services, little did we know that they simultaneously and purposefully had decided not to support my TiVo, the best DVR experience ever.   So when we TiVoed Mad Men last night in order to watch the latest episode later that evening, we were surprised and angered to click on our TiVo to watch some shopping network hawking computers.

Charter Cable went further, and stated that they would not support TiVo, and if we wanted to record television shows in the future supported by an accurate channel guide, we would have to take a Charter recorder.  This company does not care about servicing their community unless it suits their own products.  You can complain to the FCC, or, call Charter and see if they will actually talk to you.

Be Careful

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There have been a number of good articles on the topic of the surveillance of US citizens.  This post will highlight some articles worth reading.


Forbes article reminds us that “It is not the actual search and seizure that the Fourth Amendment forbids, after all, but unreasonable search and seizure. So the legal analysis asks what, under the circumstances, is reasonable.”

This Huffington Post Article chronicles the NSA’s efforts to not disclose their activities, “Director of National Intelligence James Clapper sought to clarify his claim that the National Security Agency does not collect information on millions of Americans, telling NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell that he gave the “least untruthful” answer possible on the agency’s surveillance program.”  The White House defends inexplicably defends Clapper here.  The article states,”White House spokesman Jay Carney said Clapper has been “straight and direct in the answers he’s given,” and argued the intelligence official had been “aggressive in providing as much information as possible to the American people, to the press, about this very important, very sensitive program.”  The vote of confidence from the White House came just hours after Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) publicly questioned whether Clapper had provided “straight answers” at a March hearing with lawmakers.  At the hearing, Wyden asked clapper if the NSA collects “any type of data at all on millions of Americans.”  “No, sir,” Clapper had responded. “There are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps collect [intelligence on Americans], but not wittingly.””

Charles Krauthammer recently stated in a Washington Post editorial, “There are nonetheless two other reasons these revelations have sparked such anxiety. Every spying program is a compromise between liberty and security. Yet here is a president who campaigned on the proposition that he would transcend such pedestrian considerations. “We reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals,” he declared in his first inaugural address, no less.

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CEOlink Event Spotlights TopGolf’s Recent Relocation and Expansion in Texas

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ceolink - spotlight event - topgolf

Last Wednesday, CEOlink, a member based organization that acts as a welcome committee for CEOs that have relocated to Texas, hosted one of their Relocation Spotlight Events at TopGolf, shedding light on the recent relocation of the company’s headquarters from Chicago to DFW as well as their plans for expansion in Texas, which will include a new North Texas venue in The Colony.

ceolink - spotlight event - topgolf - ed curtis

CEOlink Founder, Ed Curtis

Past Relocation Events have put the spotlight on recent CEO transplants, including NYLO Hotel’s Michael Mueller with an event held in the lobby of South Side’s new urban, boutique hotel. The goal of each event is to help build an established network of Dallas CEOs, a space where CEOs can mingle comfortably with their peers, and a welcoming environment that goes above and beyond just ‘Here’s Dallas.’

Last week’s Relocation Event held in the Signature Room of TopGolf Dallas on Park Lane had a more laid back feel, offering attendees a catered dinner and the opportunity to play a few (competitive) rounds of TopGolf after the discussion. The evening was so laid back in fact, that after CDO Randy Starr and CEO Tom Leverton discussed TopGolf’s recent headquarters change and expansion in Texas, CEOlink founder Ed Curtis opened the floor for an open discussion.

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