Scots Amazing Season Comes to an End, 45-21

Published November 29, 2010 by Reid Slaughter

Before the 2010 Highland Park Football campaign began, know-it-all media types were forecasting that this team would be lucky to go 7-3. The Scots had too little experience and too many good teams to play, not the least of which was the area's #1 ranked team, Everman. From that first game until tonight, the gutsy gang whose motto was "Whatever It Takes" piled up thrilling win after thrilling win. At least three of the games — Everman, Sherman, and Wiley — will go down among the most exciting Scots games ever. This team kept alive our incredible 63-game home winning streak. It gave us a joyous Homecoming victory. It earned Highland Park an extra playoff game at Highlander which delighted local fans. This team earned a District 10-4A Championship, then a Bi-District Championship, then an Area crown. It celebrated the extraordinary success of its coach, Randy Allen, with his record-setting 135th win as HP's leader. And lastly, tonight, it gave our team and our band, cheerleaders, Belles, and fans a truly singular experience of playing in Cowboy Stadium.

Back in 1999, as the Dallas Cowboys were stumbling through an 8-8 season and limping toward the playoffs, a group of over-zealous reporters were questioning Troy Aikman about the team's Super Bowl chances after a particularly tough loss. After several queries, a frustrated Aikman fired back, "All you guys care about is the Super Bowl, the last game of the season. Well, for me it's not about that. It's not all about the last game. It's about the journey, and what we players and coaches build together from the beginning. And no matter what you say, I'm gonna enjoy this journey, wherever it leads." Those words stuck with me, and came flooding back on the drive home tonight. The 2010 Scots overachieved in every measurable way and gave us all an incredible journey. At 12-1 they are arguably one of the best Scot teams ever. So thank you guys for everything. We are all so proud of you!